The Cosplay Scotland Rulebook

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The Cosplay Scotland Rulebook

Post  Jamie Fay on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:08 am

This is a list of rules that must be enforced by the event leader/admins present during any Cosplay Scotland event. It may be updated at anytime.

1 - Respect your fellow cosplayers.
These meets are a way for us all to interact with our current friends and make new ones. So treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself. If you're caught abusing another member, verbally or physically, you'll get one warning, and only one. This also includes any fanboyism, be that "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE *INSERT SERIES HERE* YOU SUCK" or "Oh you're cosplaying from *insert series here*? Well you must be retarded".

2 - Respect the property of others.
If you want to see someone's prop/sword/whatever, ask, and ask politely. If the owner refuses, you obviously can't touch it. If they let you hold it, BE CAREFUL, and if you manage to accidentally break it, have the decency to apologise, perhaps offer to pay to replace it. It's only right.

3 - Remember the leader/admins are there to help.
If a random passerby decides to harrass you for wearing funny clothes, or Cosplay Gods forbid another group member gets abusive, anything like that - TELL US. Tell the nearest admin, or person with a big sword. We are a family here, and as long as we know our family is being threatened, we will protect you. Likewise any little thing at all, nearest toilet, when are we eating, where are we going, whatever, ask an admin or the event leader. DO NOT SIT IN SILENCE WHEN YOU NEED HELP.

4 - Stay with the group, tell someone if you're leaving briefly, and have contact details for someone at the meet.
If you're going to leave the group for a toilet break or whatever, let the leader/an admin know, so that we don't leave without you. Nearly every meet, we're about the depart the meeting spot, then someone goes "WAIT SO AND SO'S IN THE LOO". PLEASE tell an admin. Likewise, please ensure you have the phone number of at least one person in the group in case of emergencies. The meet leader will send his/her phone number to all attendees who are set to YES in the attending status prior to the event.

5 - If you're attending a meet, make sure you're set as "Attending" on the event page, and let the leader know if you're going to be running late.
The leader will only wait at the meeting spot for anyone who is on the confirmed attending list, and who has contacted beforehand to say they'll be late if required. If you're set as "Maybe", and turn up at 12:45, you're going to be out of luck.This list will be updated by an admin if required!
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